Cyclotide & Antibody libraries for drug discovery & delivery

Cyclogenix is a UK-based biotech focused on the development of novel biotherapeutics with wide-ranging expertise in cyclotide-based drug delivery systems and antibody engineering.
Having successfully attracted funding from large Pharmaceutical companies, venture groups and public agencies, our main interests for research and development currently are:
  • Human Antibody Engineering
  • VNAR Antibody Agents
  • Cyclic Peptide Applications
  • Biotherapeutic Delivery & Disease Targeting

Discovery Services

We currently have vast antibody and peptide libraries for research and pre-clinical studies, designed research molecular tools for cell penetration, bespoke cyclobodies to internalise your specific cargoes and highly stable IgNAR libraries.

Human Antibody Discovery Services

vast libraries available
Cyclogenix' phage display libraries contain over 70 billion distinct fully human antibodies.
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VNAR Antibody Discovery Services

stable Ab conjugates
VNARs are highly small (10kDa), soluble and stable immunoglobulin-like domains which demonstrate unique binding characteristics...
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Cyclic Peptide Discovery Services

peptide design
"Loop replacement" libraries - with over 50 billion unique clones)...
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Biotherapuetic Delivery Services

membrane and BBB traversal
Applications of cyclotides/cyclobodies in drug/peptide and protein delivery across membranes...
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Work with Cyclogenix

We offer bespoke services for each project and generate project plans and screening regimes to deliver peptides and antibodies with the desired profiles. Experienced creative teams are assigned to each project for delivery of results within agreed timelines.
We strive to ensure that project objectives are met or exceeded and have a proven track record of delivering on challenging targets.