VNAR Discovery

VNARs are the variable domains of IgNARs, derived from members of the Elasmobranch family (cartilaginous fish, including sharks).

VNARs are highly small (10kDa), soluble and stable immunoglobulin-like domains which demonstrate unique binding characteristics compared with human immunoglobulins, often binding cavities and buried epitopes.

Cyclogenix VNAR libraries comprise variable length Trinucleotide based CDR1s and 3s, allowing high diversity (over 20 billion individual clones) within the exceptionally stable VNAR framework.

VNAR structural and biophysical properties facilitates their use as building blocks for drug discovery applications including interruption of protein-protein associations and for targeting important target classes such as transporters, ion channels and G protein-coupled receptors.

A new generation of diagnostic and therapeutic agents can be custom built to produce novel biotherapeutics with unique properties compared to classical antibodies for the treatment of a broad range of human diseases.