Cyclic Peptide Discovery Services

Cyclogenix unique Cyclotide libraries are designed around a class of plant peptides. These 4kDa peptides are found in plants across the spectrum of flowering plants and often have defensive capabilities in their natural context. Cyclotides were initially discovered due to their oral availability, where they are extracted from plants and used in tribal medicines.

Many hundreds of individual examples of these peptides have been described, all sharing a common structure but possessing unique sequences and biological activities.

We have developed “loop replacement” libraries (over 50 billion unique clones) based on a known Cyclotide sequence. These libraries have generated specific binding clones to numerous drug and diagnostic target proteins. Peptides selected from these libraries retain their unique structural stability whilst demonstrating novel biological activities.


The addition of cyclotides to antibodies provides a unique tool for internalisation of antibodies which can be used for targeted delivery.